A live, glittering bird of paradise; Jolie struts seductively to the stage as surging drums underscore thrilling brass. With every rousing note Jolie is more and more alive, from the raise of a perfect eyebrow to the thrust of a curvaceous hip.
This routine is a perfect blend of 50s showgirl tease and exotic jungle rhythm. A riot of colour and adorned in sparkling ORCHIDS and acres of luscious silk, she twists and turns, transcending us into the heart of a wild rainforest creature. All inhibitions cast thoroughly aside, (along with much of her decadent coverings) we begin to meet the wild-woman underneath!

Jolie is a true master in her field, she seamlessly manages to pull burlesque right up to date, whilst paying respectful homage to years gone by. Her innate understanding of her craft means this act is perfect for those looking for a showgirl with a twist. It will satisfy those mid-century enthusiasts, aching for electrifying Jazz striptease and burlesque that really takes flight.

Images by Scott Chalmers Photography.