About Miss Jolie Papillon

“The so-called ‘Queen of Classic Burlesque’ (The Stage), Miss Jolie Papillon, is an award-winning, world-renowned star with the reputation of ‘Burlesque Royalty’.
Jolie is an exquisite dancer and performer who trained at one of Europe’s most prestigious theatre academies before making her mark on the glamorous world of Burlesque.

Recently, the theatric phenomenon and multi-award-winning show ‘La Clique’ exceptionally presented classic Burlesque on their stage with Miss Jolie Papillon as part of their world-class lineup. At the Underbelly Festival in London, Cavendish Square and Leicester Square, La Clique showcased Miss Papillon to open the show with a bold and beautiful feather fan dance and to perform her signature Bathtub Burlesque Act, in keeping with the long tradition of La Clique’s bathtub boy act.

After performing worldwide in 2019 with Party Like Gatsby, Jolie continues touring in her Giant Martini Glass with the live big band Prohibition 1923 and performing for luxury, international private events.

Miss Papillon is the co-producer and director of the acclaimed vintage Revue Gin House Burlesque, who recently danced on the legendary Orient Express.
With a dedication to preserving and improving the world of Showbiz and the legacy of Showgirls, Jolie became the owner and CEO of SHOWGIRL ENTERTAINMENTS Ltd., proudly providing artists of the highest calibre, wowing guests around the globe.

Jolie is a published pin-up model and has been featured in fashion magazines such as Vanity Fair and Vogue, and several burlesque books, as well as being the cover girl of the award-winning book – STRIP | TEASE, the burlesque photography of Tigz Rice.
She has been voted multiple times as one of the Most Influential Burlesque Industry Figures in the U.K. and worldwide.

As the first-ever showgirl in history, in November 2022, Jolie danced publicly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as part of the Riyadh Season representing The Maine Mayfair.
It is not the first time our Italian Burlesque star pioneered this art form in other countries. Starring in ‘The Art of Burlesque’ at the Casino Du Liban in Beirut -produced by Achillea in 2015- was another memorable time for Burlesque history in the Middle East.

Jolie has appeared in various music videos, on National and International Television, MTV, TOWIE, The Real Housewives of Cheshire, Made in Chelsea – Channel 4 and presented a BAFTA award in 2013. She has entertained celebrities and members of the Royal Family. She has been the guest star for clients such as Dior, Hermes, Laurent-Perrier, Vogue, Porsche, YSL, Veuve Clicquot, L’Oréal, Belmond, British Pullman and more.
Miss Papillon was awarded the crown of Burlesque Idol UK 2011, and within her two years as a soloist, she took part in one of the most extensive Burlesque U.K. theatre tours.
In 2014, she was nominated for the London Cabaret Award as best burlesque act.

Born in Rimini, Italy, in the home town of Federico Fellini, Miss Jolie Papillon is the epitome of a golden-age Italian movie star – exotic, glamorous and exquisitely sophisticated. With a passion and dedication to showing the audience the best of Burlesque, this commitment to uplift and entertain has made Jolie one of the shining stars of the world-leading London Cabaret scene.”


In London, you may catch Miss Jolie at her residency, The Gin House Burlesque, The Maine Mayfair, Park Chinois, the Phoenix Arts Club and as the original headliner at the historic Windmill Soho.
New International dates have just been added!
Head over to Jolie’s online SHOW CALENDAR and learn more.


  • “Queen of Classic Burlesque” – The Stage
  • “Dazzling” – The Time Out
  • “Moves for Days” – Broadway World
  • “La Dolce Vita of Burlesque” – MTV
  • “Sublime Burlesque.”– Gay Times Magazine
  • “The polished, final product, a twinkling butterfly in full regalia.”- 21st Century Burlesque
  • “Probably the best burlesque act I have ever seen” – Sternberg Clarke
  • “Breathtaking perfection. Everything a burlesque performer should be.”– The Gay U.K.
  • “A true burlesque dancer.” – One Stop Arts
  • “An absolute gem of a performer. Five stars!”– McQueen Shoreditch
  • “Jolie is the feminine embodiment.” – FROZEN, Italy
  • “Italian beauty, graceful and seductive dancer. Her acts show off her dexterity and suppleness as a performer. The audience’s reaction is ecstatic!”– This is Cabaret
  • “The very best of burlesque today.”– The Neon Moon Burlesque and Cabaret Club
  • “Sexy, sassy and beautiful!”– www.lastminutetheatretickets.com
  • “Racy and suggestive, Jolie Papillon excites the crowd, seducing and alluring in an attractive dance number that has you gawking.” – The Upcoming
  • “Miss Jolie Papillon defies the often cringey stereotypes of burlesque – she is a world-class performer who oozes charisma, sex and style.” –To Do List
  • “Jolie Papillon brings beautiful Burlesque back to London”- Westend Theatre
  • “A beautiful performance that had the audience transfixed”- All that dazzles
  • “Exquisitely choreographed burlesque.”- Everything Theatre
  •  “The best feathers routine I’ve ever seen.”- Fiskal Policy
  • “Exquisite burlesque performance by Miss Jolie Papillon.” – The Artiscape Magazine
  • “Her opening performance is a dazzling peacock feather fan dance that brings class and elegance to the stage.”- The Live Review
  • “Up first was the beautiful Miss Jolie Papillon, whose mesmerising burlesque routine immediately transformed the venue from a tent in the middle of London’s busiest squares into a smoky Soho basement. Miss Jolie performs twice throughout the evening, opening both Acts and holding her captivated audience in the palm of her hands on both occasions.”- Mark Aspen.
  • “A bold and beautiful entrance from Burlesque superstar Jolie Papillon, who unashamedly flaunts her peacock feathers and reminds us this is going to be an evening of classy, excellently executed entertainment.” – London Theatre


  • 2024 Ranked #18 by the public as Most Influential Industry Figure in the World- 21st Burlesque Century
  • 2019 and 2018 Voted Most Influential Burlesque Industry Figure in the U.K. and Worldwide
  • 2018 Nominated One of Britain’s Ten Best Cabaret Stars
  • 2014 Nominated at the London Cabaret Award as Best Burlesque act
  • 2011 Winner of Burlesque Idol UK.


“The Deco Haus” Hollywood; “The Whitechapel Workhouse” London; “Danc’in Milan“;  “Gatsby Lady” London; Ludovica Martire- Made in Pain, Rome, Tatu Couture Lingerie, London.