Disco Diva

The Disco era of the late 1970s was a time of glitz and glamour, where people dressed to the nines to dance the night away. One iconic figure of this era was the Disco Diva, known for her flashy outfits and high-energy performances. The legendary Studio 54 was the place to be for anyone looking to experience the disco scene, with its velvet ropes and exclusive guest list. The Disco Diva would often be found performing on stage, surrounded by a sea of adoring fans.

The disco era was all about style, and the showgirls certainly knew how to make a statement with their chic outfits and flawless stage presence. Miss Jolie Papillon embodies the glamorous showgirl of Studio 54, performing in the most extravagant costume, wrapped in luxurious ostrich feathers, and dressed in nothing else than a waterfall of diamontes from head to toe. She is the epitome of elegance and sophistication, and her show is as much of a feast for the eyes as the original showgirls of the time used to be.

Jolie becomes the life of the party and makes a lasting impression with this fun and bedazzling act.

This performance is also available with Giant Martini Glass, disco dancers, sparkling confetti floating in the air, and more!


Images by Johnny Cooke and ‘Lina and Tom’.