Amethyst Nouveau

It’s time to face the music and let Jolie dance! In her most daring act yet, Jolie suspends time and whisks us away on the most romantic of Hollywood dream sequences.

She figuratively places a perfectly adorned arm around the waist of each member of the audience, allowing them to be swept up as her imaginary Fred Astaire. Fluttering around the room in a series of intricate Foxtrot and Waltz steps Jolie really is the modern incarnation of every cinematic icon we’ve come to know and love.

As this ethereal routine, gains momentum we barely notice the layers of sumptuous silk and plush feathers melt away, but as they do, Jolie really takes flight. Teasing us even more, she sprouts the thickest and fullest angel wings a Golden-Era girl could hope for, through these feathers we glimpse intricate art-nouveau lingerie bedecked with sparkling crystals and pearls. The perfect starlet; you’ll be glad that this Black and White girl is in true technicolour.

Inspired by pioneers of the 1930s such as the legendary Faith Bacon, and the bewitching Ziegfeld Follies, this act will enchant burlesque novices and aficionados alike. A real-life living jewel; Jolie won’t fail to leave you floating on air.

Images by Chris Baker, Handsome Music and Neil Kendhall Photography.