Miss Jolie

“Jolie Papillon is an award-winning burlesque artiste and one Europe’s most highly skilled showgirls. An exquisite dancer and songbird, Jolie trained at one of Europe’s top musical theatre academy before making her mark on the glamorous world of burlesque. A petite, dark-eyed, powerhouse, she manages to combine the tease and sensuality of burlesque with real theatricality, skill and intelligence. Jolie is one of the headliners of London’s best cabaret shows and acclaimed showgirl across the world.”

Jolie has been a pioneer of the burlesque scene in the Middle East, starring in Chrys Columbine’s most acclaimed production “The Art of Burlesque” at the Casino Du Liban produced by Achillea in 2015.

She is founder, producer and star of the acclaimed ‘Gin-House Burlesque Revue’ (in collaboration with Miss Betsy Rose and Missy Fatale), an immersive vintage experience, inspired by the prohibition era. www.ginhouseburlesque.com

She has appeared in various music videos such as one of James Blunt’s hit, on National and International Television, MTV, Made in Chelsea Channel 4 and presented a BAFTA award in 2013. She was awarded the crown of Burlesque Idol UK 2011 in her first year as a soloist, starred in one of the biggest Burlesque UK theatre tour the following year, headlined shows at the London Wonderground produced by Time Out Live and has been nominated for the London Cabaret Award as best burlesque act 2014.

Born in Italy in the home town of Federico Fellini, Jolie Papillon is the epitome of a golden age, Italian movie star – exotic, glamorous and exquisitely sophisticated. With a passion and dedication to showing the audience the best of burlesque, it is this commitment to uplift and entertain that has made Jolie one of the shining stars of the world leading, London Cabaret scene.”


  • “La Dolce Vita of Burlesque” – MTV
  • “Dazzling” – The Time Out
  • “Sublime Burlesque.”– Gay Times Magazine
  • “The best burlesque act I have ever seen” – Sternberg Clarke
  • “Breathtaking perfection. Everything a burlesque performer should be.”– The Gay UK
  • “A true burlesque dancer.” – One Stop Arts
  • “An absolute gem of a performer. Five stars!”– McQueen Shoreditch
  • “Jolie is the feminine embodiment.” – FROZEN, Italy
  • “Italian beauty, graceful and seductive dancer. Her acts show off her dexterity and suppleness as a performer. the audience reaction is ecstatic!”– This is cabaret
  • “The very best of burlesque today.”– The Neon Moon Burlesque and Cabaret Club
  • “Sexy, sassy and beautiful!”– www.lastminutetheatretickets.com
  • “Racy and suggestive, Jolie Papillion excites the crowd , seducing and alluring in an attractive dance number that has you gawking.” – The Upcoming


Burlesque Idol Uk 2011


“The Deco Haus” Hollywood, “The Whitechapel Workhouse” London, “Rainshade” Italy,


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